Tuesday, 30 March 2010

World's longest paper chain?

Here is the massively long paper chain the class made which ran down the main corridor, into the cafe, around the cafe and back down the corridor to the start again.

Community lunch - more photos

A rare moment of calm before the storm. This is the kitchen minutes before the cafe opened and the orders started coming through. Here are the cooks in the first shift standing by at their posts.

Community lunch photos - in the cafe

Community lunch photos - in the kitchen

Community Lunch

On Friday 26th March we did a community lunch. Every one had jobs like waiters, maitre d' hotel, chefs and commissionaires. We swapped over jobs about every 45mins.
So many people came that we had to open another room. It got very busy about 12:30 and every one was very rushed. Menace's dad came in to help cook and serve the food because hess a chef and knows how to cook. Her mum also came in to help. Ponakin's, Nonny's, Izzy's, Swagger's and Pony's mum came in and also helped us.

When we started making the food we had to start making the room we were using more cafe-friendly. We got paper and covered the tables and then drew on Easter and cafe decorations. People in the class brought in flowers and vases and we put them on the table to make it look nicer. We had a paper chain from the door to the cafe so that people could follow it and end up at the cafe.

At 9:30am we stated preparing and making the food for the afternoon. We buttered loads of bread ( white and brown ) and we made the sandwich fillings. We made tuna sweetcorn, coronation chicken, cheese and ham. The soups were lentil and chicken noodle. We also made scones but they sold very quickly and we ran out near the end.

Some parents from our class had lunch and we got to have lunch we they did.

There was tea and coffee and you could just help your self. We were allowed second helping of the soup and free refills of the juice. There was black current and orange juice for the people who wanted it.

Mr Devereux came to the cafe and we took his order and served him ! It was funny to be serving your teacher! Hee hee.

We had great fun! >

Ponakins and Bee x xx x x x x x x x

Monday, 29 March 2010

Community lunch!

Last week we had a school community lunch. We held this event because we wanted to raise money for the SSPCA which is a charity that rescues animals from cruelty conditions. We raised around £300 but once we took of the expenses of food and use of the mugs, plates, bowls and more things from the kitchen we made about £200 profit.

It was a really good day and learnt that it is hard being a waiter/chef in a café. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Rascal and Izzy =P

My hamster, Lola

On Thursday 25th my hamster, Lola, came in to the school for my personal project ! She is an albino and she's a Syrian. She is white and has red eyes. I got her on the 27th December 2009. Lola was a really great Christmas present and she is only 6 months old but she is quite big for her age. Lola's really friendly and she has never bitten me before, but she's only nibbled my finger if i have eaten something. Everybody thought she was really cute and I do too!

She eats all the time and she has fruit and vegetables one day a week to keep her healthy. I also give her mixed food with her fruit and vegetables in case she finishes it. I have to clean her out every 4 days because she'll get smelly, and that wouldn't be good !

Every table came up to see her and some people stroked her! :)

Im thinking about breeding her! :D

Friday, 26 March 2010

Well done!

Well done to everyone in P7 for all you did for the community lunch. You were toptastic! The customers loved the table decorations, Easter table cloths, quality food and good service. You were a terrific team and all worked very hard. I'm proud of you. A big THANK YOU to Menace's dad for running the kitchen and teaching the class how to prepare food so well. THANK YOU also to the mums of Izzy, Nonny, Ponakins, Pony and Swagger for giving up your morning to work in the cafe or the kitchen. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to all of you who came along to support us. We've done very well and will announce the sum raised on Monday along with photos and feedback from the class.

Mr Devereux

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Crazy picture #15

Yester Primary has appointed a new janitor.

Crazy picutre #14

It only took one quick bite and Pony's thumb was gobbled up by the hungry hamster.

Community lunch update

Our update for our community lunch.

Yesterday we did loads of planning for the lunch . We made the shopping list, and the menu, planned the layout of the room and started to design table decorations. Today we are going to spend the day planning and making our restaurant room look real. we are going to serve homemade (school made) soup and sandwiches. We are also going to serve drinks: tea, coffee, maybe hot chocolate, fresh apple and diluting orange. We hope it is going to go brilliantly!!!!!

Menace and Moonbeam

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Eco week!

On the 23rd March we went out and went to play with the P2s out side. It is eco-friendly because we are not in the class room and using the lights or the computer. We played a game called cat and mouse. It is a very fun game and the P2s are very fast runners. We also played with our school games for outside. We have stilts, skipping ropes, balls and lots more. We all had a good time and on Thursday we are going to do it again with the P1s. We are looking forward to it. :D

By Kizzy and Ponakins :D

I like my family.

I like my family. We are Jehova witnesses. My name is Anton, I have two sisters a little sister her name is Thilde and a big sister her name is Nynne. My real mother died when I was born, but my dad was married for the second time her name is Charlotte, my dad´s name is Benjamin.
In my spare time I go too football, and I also visit my friends, I have a lot of them. I am 12 years old.
One of the things I like most is my big teddy bear in police-clothes, this I have had since I was born. We live in a little town named Stadil 10 kilometers from the Northsea near Ringkøbing and Holstebro in West Jutland. Me and my dad have build two foot ball goals of tree.
When I grow up I will be an electrician. Right now I have a job, I have a paperound in Ringkøbing there are 142 people who shall have the newspaper on my r0ute. My big sister works in a toy store, my father is plumber, my mother works in a store with a lot things.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Flash meeting

Hello, today we had our Flash meeting. It was really fun and very interesting to find out what your favourite places are and also things to do. Your questions were really interesting too. ♥

Our class has already done a Flashmeeting with some of the school but that was just a practice. Have you already done a Flashmeeting or something similar?

Thank you for doing it with us. Our class really enjoyed it. Did you?


''I wish that the Flashmeeting was longer because I wanted to talk
to you more''


'' It was really, really fun and I want to do it lots

Thanks for reading

Rascal and Pony ♥

Mr Devereux adds:

If you would like to watch our video conference, just click on http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/fm/3e212a-9205

As there were a few technical problems, you may like to start about 10 mins into the video when the pupils finally got talking to each other.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Community Lunch

In our class we are raising money for the SSPCA, a charity that helps animals. What we are going to do is a Community Lunch which is when we invite the public to our school and they order food, like a cafe. We have been planning what we are going to sell. We know the soups we are going to sell which is lentil and chicken soup. We came up with lots of different soup but we chose those two. We are thinking of what sandwiches we are going to sell. Like the soup we came up with lots of ideas like: ham and cheese, cheese and tamato, bacon, BLT which is bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, sausage and lots more. We will be also be selling scones, tea and coffee. There will be jobs for us to do like being a waiter, preparing the food and taking the money from costumers. It will all take place this Friday the 26th. Menace's dad will be helping out with the cooking and giving tips. He decided that sandwiches would sell better than rolls.

Squiddy and Nonny.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Crazy picture #13

After the class lost the rugby ball, Murrzo volunteered to take its place.

More rugby

Friday, 19 March 2010

Open Morning

On Thursday 18th Yester had an open morning. An open morning is when parents or basically anybody can come and view the work their child has been doing or just simply come and see the school. Lots of parents came into the classroom and had a look around at all the stuff we had been doing. Some even wanted to look on our blog! If someone's parent or family of some sort came to the classroom, they were allowed to show them about the school. There were lots of pupils showing everybody around the school and telling them about the school. When the parents came into the front door they had to sign a form to say that come in. Then somebody handed them a sticker to say that they had signed the form and that they were a visitor and welcome. The whole point of the sticker was to tell people that they had come and that someone had seen them, and so no strangers could come in and rob something for instance. After everybody was satisfied they went for tea and a scone and then went home after they had finished. It was a very successful day !
By Murrzo and Bee x

Enterprise winners

At the Enterprise is the Business event on Tuesday, one of the teams won a prize for making the most money. This team incuded Nevis and Scitt. Another team won a prize for the highest quality of products. Here is a photo of some of the team which included pupils from three different schools. You can see that the Yester members of this team were Brownie and Bizz. Well done to all the winners!

Mr Devereux

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Our new project on India! :D

We have started a new project on India and first we learnt about Hinduism which is a religion they have in India and they also have many more. Yesterday in our RME lesion we learnt all about Buddhism which is another religion in India. Izzy went to India for 10 weeks last year and went to school there and made lots of new friends and Izzy brought in some of the clothes that she wore when she was in India and when she came back she had a tan and that's because in India its very hot. We still have lots more to learn and we cant wait.

By Kizzy and Dizzee :D

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Crazy picture #12

The moment when Kizzy remembered that she had left the door of the lion cage unlocked.

K'nex marble run

In class we had a challenge to build a marble run out of K'nex. Originally there were only three people Fets, Nonny and Swagger. It was only about 74cm then some other people in our class came and helped make it bigger. Now that we had six extra helpers we managed to build it bigger in no time at all. Our extra helpers where called Bizz, Captain Chaos, Squiddy, Sov, Fish, and Skitt. We built it to 2.2 metres tall and 1 metre wide. We used all of the blue bits, purple bits and yellow bits. Every one was complaning that we had all the bits that they neaded for their marble run so we destroyed it in the end.

by Swagger and Nonny

Enterprise is the business

On Tuesday 16th March we went to Knox Academy in Haddington for Enterprise is the Business. At enterprise is the business there was three schools: our school, Kings Meadow and St. Marys. What we had to do is make products to sell. There were six products we had to make: they were a postcard, a birthday card, a castle, a gift box, a table decoration and a bookmark. These all had to have something to do with Scotland. At Knox there were fifteen groups and these were all made up from all of the schools. There were twelve groups of eight pupils and three groups of seven.
The objective was to raise the most money and if you won, you got a yo-yo. In the groups we all had to think of Scottish names.

By Sov and Captain Chaos

Monday, 15 March 2010

Final thoughts on Benmore!! :D

We all had an awesome time at Benmore and we will miss it very much!! :( Some people at the start thought they would be very homesick but they found themselves not missing mum or dad at all and not wanting to go home. We all will miss Benmore. Some of us at the weekend felt like jumping into a river or getting very muddy and wet. Also a lot of us faced our fears and went up high in to the sky and some went in small spaces. :) We are now back at school with our normal lessons like maths, language and writing so we are still getting used to it!

We are all wanting to back to Benmore one day and hopfully we will and do lots of fun activites again! :D

By Kizzy and Izzy :D


A few weeks ago we had a drama lesson with our teacher. The drama made us think about our posture, height and space. In the lesson we were put into groups where one person in the group had to act as a strict teacher and the others had to act as school pupils. We had to pick people to go into a group and then act out the parts.

In the drama one of the pupils had to have stolen a flash drive from the teacher's desk. The teacher had to find out who it was, although the teacher already knew who it was but they had to pretend they didn't.
It was fun!

Rascal said:"I was the strict teacher and it was quite hard at the start but then I got the hang of it."

Pony said: "It was hard not to laugh because I was the school pupil and I had stolen the flash drive from the teacher's desk."

Drama is a really fun activity in school because you can express yourself in many ways. Now that we are older we have been doing more advanced drama as before we were doing little things like miming and so on.

We asked a few people from the class to share their thoughts on the drama lesson:

Sov said: ''I was the strict teacher in my grou. I thought it was amazing because I got to shout at people and get away with it.''

Kizzy said: '' I thought it was really fun.''

Rascal & Pony

Judo Taster

On Friday 5th March we did a judo taster. We had to wrestle with each other and try to kill each other (not really). To start with we played tig but we had to crawl. It was really fun because when you got tug you had to stand with your feet spread apart and someone had to crawl underneath you (like tunnel tig ! ) then you could keep going after that until the tigger had caught everyone. Then we went into partners and wrestled with each other. Coco, the man in charge, explained the positions and then we had to try and copy them as best as we could. We tried a couple of theese and I sat on Ponakins (hee-hee, by mistake ). It was really fun and we'd like to do it again someday. ;)

Ponakins and Bee xx

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mr Devereux - day 5

We had a smooth journey back. There was one sticky moment when delicate negotiations were required to deal with a nasty hostage situation. Frog and Amber had been kidnapped. After careful negotiation a swap of hostages was arranged and the animals were very relieved to be back with their owners, Murrzo and Brownie. The situation arose over attempts by Nevis to take a photo of Murrzo. Murrzo was having none of it.

Benmore was an amazing experience for us all. The class behaved brilliantly, tried hard and had a lot of fun. They kept quiet in dorms when they were told to (most of the time), ate well and showed a lot of maturity and independence. Parents, you can be proud of them. And now it's time for the awards ceremony:

The disco award goes to Milz. The yacking award is shared between Izzy, Kizzy and Pony. The tidy dorm award goes to all the boys. The soaking award goes to Ponakins. Moonbeam gets the sunken boot prize. Fets gets the marathon award for the most miles walked back and forth along the boys' corridor. Must tire you out because you also get the best sleeper award. Squiddy - you get the SAS award for your dive roll across the bed in a black balaclava. The whole of the horse dorm get the random giggling AND the torches-after-lights-out award. The big girls' dorm get the prize for unknowingly sharing the most class gossip and secrets with Mr Devereux by chatting loudly after lights out when he was outside in the corridor. Bee gets the 'Did you know tomorrow's my birthday?' award. Fish gets the volume award (you've lost first place, Bizz!). You also get the vertical take-off award for your levitation at the end of the ghost story. Brownie gets an award for not being able to keep on a plaster on a knee for more that 5 minutes. Dizzee and Bizz share the cool hat award. Tashmeer gets the yacking award for the boys' dorms. Nonny gets the tennis balls in bizarre places award. Nevis, Moonbeam, Star and Brownie share the jumble award for their ideas about packing. Rascal gets the ambassador award for most contact with Mauricewood. Menace gets the speaking diary award - your comments were so you! Captain Chaos and Nonny get the hairbrush award. Murrzo, of course, gets the camera-shy award. And Swagger, you get the organisation award for looking after your dorm so well.

Well done, guys! See you on Monday.

Mr Devereux

Chocolate girls

Disco girls

Crazy picture #11

Another shot from the boys' dorms - notice how the socks have been laid out side by side to dry. The girls' method of drying clothes was to roll them into tight, wet balls and leave them in a row on the bathroom floor under the sinks. Well camp is all about learning...

Crazy picture #10

Here is Ponakins hard at work in her hair salon.

Crazy picture #9

Well you've seen the boys' dorms...this is what the girls' dorm looked like...

Crazy picture #8

Murrzo make yet another attempt to avoid being photographed, this time trying to hide in Ponakins.

More day 4 pictures