Friday, 28 May 2010

Kizzy and Izzy's Mad Golden Time

National Hockey Tournament! =)

Yesterday (Thursday 27th May) the hockey team did another tournament at Peffermill. At Peffermill they have two pitches!!!! Teams from all over Scotland came for fun matches. Our team did really well and won! =D
We played 5 matches against lots of different teams. Some teams weren't much of a challenge, but some others were. The first game was quite hard because we weren't used to the astro-turf (fake grass) but after that we were fine. Here are the scores to our games:
4 - 0
3 - 0
1 - 0
2 - 0
At the end we had a really weird game of hockey with a team called 'Peebles' where people were picking up the ball and actually throwing it in the goal! It was really fun!! =P
Then at the very, very end we had a big group photo of all the teams that were playing there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the end of the day we had soooooo much fun we could have stayed there for the whole day!!!!!!
by Izzy and Murrzo =)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Grassy art

On Tuesday 25th of May 2010 we had an art lesson about different types of plants. We went outside and collected things that we needed for our collages. When we got inside we sat down to make our pictures. We all got different things to stick on our pictures and then we got going making them. Mr Devereux said that we could stick different things down on our pictures.

Giggles thought, “It was okay, because I’m not really good at art.”

Bee thought, “It was fun, but we got in a mess with the PVA.”

I was messy and sticky but it was FUN.
The class all did different pictures and all of them are really good! Some people made theirs 3D and some people just made them 2D. J

By Giggles and Bee xx

Soil analysis

On Tuesday 25th May we did a soil experiment where we got a bit of soil from the nursery garden and took it apart. We sorted the soil on bits of paper. We found all sorts of things from stones to worms. We had to sort the things we found in to piles and make sure they went into the right pile so they didn’t get mixed up. We kept 3 of the soil piles and their piles of stones and other things to put on display. Some people put their bugs under cups to stop them running away. Some people gave their bugs names. There were Bobs, Freddi’s, a Susan Boyle and a Gordon Ramsay. After the experiment, all the bugs were put outside, and the soil was put back in the nursery garden. Here are some comments about the experiment:

Ponakins said, ”I really enjoyed the soil experiment and finding all the bugs!”
Rascal said, “I thought it was really fun and enjoyed holding the worms!”
Fets said, “I thought it was very cool!”

By Milz and Star

Police Talk

Today we had a talk with P.C. Paton and P.C. Black which was fun and we learnt a lot about drugs and the effects on your body.

by Nonny & Sov


On Wednesday 26th May some of the class went to Meadowbank for a sports competition.
Meadow Bank is a sports competition for schools around East Lothian, where we compete against each other.

Here are the events we did:
Bizz and Pony - 80m sprint
Ponakins and Skitt - 150m sprint
Milz - 600m (long distance)
Rascal and Skitt - Long jump
Bizz and Milz - High jump
Sov and Moonbeam - Cricket Ball
Ponakins, Murrzo, Menace, Captain Chaos, Fetts, Swagger - Tug of war
Pony, Skitt, Ponakins and Bizz - Relay

We all did really well and here are the results;
Bizz - 80m sprint - 3rd
Pony - 80m sprint - 3rd
Ponakins - 150m sprint - Ist
Skitt - 150m sprint - 3rd
Milz - 600m (long distance) - 2nd
Rascal - long jump - 5th
Skitt - long jump - 5th
Bizz - high jump - 1st
Milz - high jump - 1st
Sov - cricket ball - 1st
Moonbeam - cricket ball - 5th
Ponakins, Murrzo, Menace, Captain Choas, Fets and Swagger - tug of war - Last :(
Ponakins, Pony, Bizz and Skitt - Relay - 4th

All together, out of the small schools we came...... 2nd!!!!!!! :)
We all really enjoyed it and the rest of the class are very proud of us!

Ponakins and Milz x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hockey Competition

On Tuesday 25th May Captain Chaos, Bizz, Menace, Izzy, Moonbeam, Swagger, Murrzo, Skitt and Pony went to a hockey competion in Penicuik. We were in the Regional Finals because earlier in the year we were in another competition and we won so we qualified for the Regional competition. At the competion there were eight teams and we came fourth.

By Captian Chaos and Bizz

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Plant Dissection

Yesterday we dissected a plant. We had to take all the parts out the plant such as the:


We used a little knife to cut the parts of the flower out. There was little slimy part called the ovary and we had to take that out.

Did you know that there are male and female parts to a flower joined together? ♀ <--- female , ♂ <--- male sign

Rascal: " I didn't like it. I thought it was a shame because if you looked at the flower before it was dissected it looked all pretty."

Dizzee " It was fun cutting up a flower."

Rascal ♥ and Dizzee ☺

Monday, 24 May 2010

Outside Goldentime = Fun!

On Friday it was hot so we got to go outside for golden time! =P We played with space hoppers, hula hoops, a giant ball and an experiment that Swagger and Nonny did down the hill. =l

  • Brownie and Kizzy were walking round being bonkers!! =0

  • Most of the boys were playing 'football' with the HUGE EARTH BALL! =)

  • The rest of the girls were sunbathing! ('')>

  • Moonbeam was playing football with Dizzee and other people! =.D

  • Menace and Izzy pretened that they were in a car in the hula hoops and Murrzo said she was faster than a car. it was funny!(ha ha ha) =o{D

  • Ponakins could hula hoop with 4 !!!! =]

  • Squiddy and Dizzee were playing two man rounders! :o)

Bizz said: "It was fun because you can do what you want."

Milz said: "It was very good.''

Fets said: ''It was quite fun."

Pony said: "It was good and better than being inside."

By Brownie and Izzy

:) =] =0} =P ;)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Class talks

We got given a class talk to do on a topic that we had never done before and we were interested in. We had 3 weeks to prepare it in and then we had to present it to the class. Rascal was the first to do her class talk. It was about Sweetheart Magazine which Rascal writes for. Then it was Kizzy who did her class talk on her trip to France and the fact that she was stuck in France because of the ash cloud. The others did theirs on:

Brownie - Alligators and Crocodiles

Bizz - Dider Drogba ( a footballer)

Captain chaos - Jonah Lomu (rugby player)

Nonny -Motorbikes

Tashmeer - Army Cadets Force

Menace and Murrzo (they did their class talk together) - Yester memories

Bee - Eczema and Coeliac

Dizzee - My pets

Izzy - Hunt, point, retrieve dogs

Star - Sunflowers

Fets - Plants

Ponakins - Smoking

Swagger - Sound

Moonbeam - Avatar

Squidy - Aliens vs Predators

Milz - Jacqueline Wilson

Pony - Australian animals

Sov - Foster and Stafes

Nevis - Diggerland

Skitt - Garvald

By Moonbeam and Kizzy

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Video Conference

Today Yester and Stadil-Vederso Skole had another video conference. The pupils in Stadil-Vederso Skole have been very busy reading the posts which Yester pupils have been putting on the blog. Kizzy and Dizzee were delighted to be asked individual questions about their posts.

If you want to watch a recording of the meeting, just click on:

As usual, all the pauses are edited out, so you can watch the questions and replies uninterrupted.

Mr Devereux

Tug Of War

Today we did tug of war. Tug of war is when we have a rope and a person at each end of the rope. Then you tug on the rope and try and pull the other person over the mark.

What we did today!!!

We were put into pairs and had to see who was stronger. We were doing this to prepare for a competition at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh.

Here are some thoughts of people in the class:

Nevis thought - It was quite fun but a bit challenging.
Caption Chaos - It was fun and enjoyed beating folk!
Swagger - it was good
Dizzee - It was amazing! :D

Ponakins, Rascal, Murrzo, Captain Chaos, Fets and Skitt all got on the team :D

Ponakins and Menace

Friday, 14 May 2010

It's Dizzee!

This isn't anything which happened this week. It's just a nice photo of Dizzee I found from earlier in the year and thought I'd put it on the blog.


Hi, my name is Giggles. I live in Gifford. I live with Helen and Tom. I have 2 pets. Bonnie is a dog and Rose is a cat. My favourite food is pizza. My hobbies are running and golf.

Giggles xxx

Mr Devereux writes: "Giggles joined us at the start of this term and has taken part in lots of the fun things we've been doing. I'll add a photo of Giggles next week so you can see what she looks like (though you might be able to spot her in some of the Choices for Life photos)."

School fair

On the 8th of May we had our school fair. It was a nice day and there were lots of activities like decorate a tile, bouncy castle, Pony rides, whack the rat, tea and cakes and the stocks. The stocks are where any P7s who volunteered could go in proper stalks and get wet sponges thrown at them. I, (Pony) went in and got really cold! Also Mr Devereux threw sponges at me. (I will get revenge!!!)
We don’t have a final figure but it is definitely over £1700!

Hope you had a great time on Saturday!

Pony and Nevis

Dyslexia assembly

On Monday 10th May 2010 ten people from our class did an assembly on dyslexia. Dyslexia is when people have find certain things difficult like spelling, times tables, writing and putting things in order. Ten people from our class volunteered to help with the assembly. They were: Brownie, Rascal, Tashmeer, Menace, Izzy, Swagger, Moonbeam, Pony, Nevis and Kizzy.

They showed us a PowerPoint and they taught us a song. The song was great fun.
At the end of the assembly all the volunteers got badges with the Dyslexia Scotland symbol.

By Milz and Brownie :) LOL

Science Lesson

In our science lesson we were learning about variables and input and output variables. The first activity we did was with a pulley. Then we did one on height of liquid, then our third one was leaves and then finally we had height and weight.

Sov and Bizz

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Choices for Life

On Tuesday 11th May out class went to Choices for Life on a school trip along with other people in P7 from different schools. The reason we were there was because we were learning about drugs and how it’s really bad to take them! There was music playing with one famous girl band and the rest were unknown artists. It was good because half the girls in our class were jumping to the music. There was flashing lights and blasting music and screaming.

Rascal: “My throat was really sore after because of all the screaming I was doing”

The day was really good and we all learnt more abut drugs and how it’s very bad to take them so never take drugs, for your own good!

Rascal and Giggles

Mr Devereux adds: There were 8,500 P7 pupils there, so it was quite noisy!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Latest video conference

Today we had another Flashmeeting between Yester and Vederso-Skole. We asked each other questions about our countries. There were a lot of questions about tractors! If you would like to watch it, or part of it, just click on:

As all the delays are edited out, you can watch the whole conference quite quickly.

Mr Devereux

Crazy picture #16

All our children are very well behaved. After all, our school has a wide range of punishments ...

Friday, 7 May 2010

Whole school golden time

Today we did our whole school golden time. We had a selection of games. There was juggling, rounders and lots more. Tashmeer did rounders and Fets did wacky games.

by Tashmeer and Fets.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Finnish Visitors

Today we had some Finnish visitors. Our visitors were a bit older than us. They were about 12 to 13 years old. They were really good at English. And we learned some Finnish.

Today we played loads of games with the Finnish school. Everyone thought this was really fun. They were really good at a lot of the games, and they seemed really sporty. We taught them a lot of Scottish games, while they taught one Finnish one .

After we had played a lot of games we had half an hour to just play normally with them by ourselves. That was when we got to know a lot of them. Most of our class made some new friends. The girls just walked around and talked but the boys had a game of football.

Then we all went in from lunch. There was a really nice lunch today. It was Italian style so we had a lovely pizza and pasta selection for our guests.

After lunch we got people's email address and then went back outside and the Finnish people had a surprise for us ......... they very kindly gave us about 9 packets of Finnish sweets. Some people liked them but others didn't. They tasted like liquorice.

And then they all had to go. When they left some of girls were nearly crying, all the boys were shaking hands and the girls were giving hugs. And the Finnish people were taking loads of photos.

So today was a really busy, fun and sad :( :) day :( :)

By Menace and Giggles xx
Mr Devereux adds: you can visit the website of our friends from Kellarpellon Koulu in Finland by checking out