Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dance workshop

On the 26th of April a professional dancer came in and taught us some street dance. Her name was Beth Noble. She first taught us a routine and then she showed us some counter balances. Then we had to make up our own counter balences with a partner and put them into our own dance.
Here are some of the things are class thought about the dance workshop:

Moonbeam: "It was really fun and active!"
Nevis: "It was really, really fun and I found it very, very active!" :D
Izzy: "I thought the dance workshop was really fun and active and it inspired me to do more dancing!" =P
Ponakins: "I think it was really fun. I learnt loads of stuff and I would love to do it again."
Murrzo: "I think it was really, really, really fun and I learnt how to do loads of new stuff!"

By Murrzo and Nevis.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Visit from...

On Friday, 22nd April, 2010 our class got a visit from a few teachers from the high school we are going to after the summer holidays. Mr Stirling and Mr Greenaway were talking to us about what we will be doing in our high school and also the timetable. Mr Stirling and Mr Greenaway are both P.E teachers and guidence teachers. (:
We get put into different houses. There are Lammerlaw, Garlton and Traprain. We won't find out what house we are in until the two-day visit.
We learnt about some of the subjects that we are going to learn at high school. Here are a few: science, maths, English, geography, drama, I.C.T, music and most of the same things we get taught at primary school. The lessons are about 1 hour. -.-
Kizzy and Rascal are really looking forward to high school to meet new friends and the start of deciding what we want to do when we are older.

Thanks for reading,

Rascal & Kizzy

Friday, 23 April 2010

Cross country

On the 22nd of April 12 people went to a cross country competition at Hallhill which is in Dunbar. We were entered in the small schools races. The boys and girls races were separate. The small school girls were first. The race was 1.2 miles. Milz came in 2nd, Ponakins came in 3rd, Murrzo came in 8th and Pony came in 9th. In the boys race Skitt won it and others are in different classes.

Yester won the shield and it was our 8th time. We all really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. :)

By Pony and Milz

Friday, 9 April 2010

Latest post

I am sorry the latest posts look a bit funny.
You can see the original work from the children in Pupils Corner at New Twinspace.


Me and my home.

My name is Trine and I´m 12 years old. I live in Stadil in Westjütland. I go to football two times a week, I sing and I go to FDF. I help my mother and father at home. I have no animals and I hate spiders. I help my mother with baking. I have a brother and a sister. My brother´s name is Mads and he is 18 years old and my sister´s name is Karina and she is 21 years old. She does not live at home more.

My day.

I wake up 6.30 in the morning. My mother and my brother go to the work and my father goes to his job 6.45. So there I am alone at the home. I go by bike to school every day and the school starts 8. 20. When I come home from school, I empty the automatic dishwasher. So then I do my homework. So I go to my hobbies.

I love.

I love football and my favourite football team is Liverpool. They play in England. My favourite players are Fanando Torres and Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger.

I love my friends too. I have not a best friend.


My mother is on a window factory and my dad drives tractor. My brother is training to carpenter and my sister is about to train for a social worker. My sister lives in Nørresundby.

I’m home alone every day I come home from school.

My favourite animal is a dog and a giraffe. I do not know what I want to be when I grow older.

My eastern holiday.

Sunday I was to christening in the church with Eric and Birthe. They have children. Their names are Steffen and Katrine. They come from Irland.

Before we left I thought I would bore me. We were in the church 10:30 o`clock. There was one who played trumpet. It sounded not very good. The little baby was named Christopher Mathias. When we got back to Eric and Birthe I stood just a little and was bored but then we had to eat, I came to sit next to Louise who is as old as me. We have played handball some years ago. Her brother`s name is Nicholas, I also played handball with him. I know him. I also sat next to a girl named Katja . I do not know who she was. But she was very sweet.
First we got patty shells I love them. We got them always on Dec. 25th when my grandmother lived-She made the best patty shells, but she died 2 years ago. For main course we got some meat and potatoes and sauce and for dessert we had icecream cake.

After we had eaten Katja, Eric, Louise's mother and my mother and father and me went for a walk.
When we got home we started to play cards. So we were going to have dinner there. We had bread and all sorts of sliced cold meat.

After we had eaten Katja, Louise and I get out and jump on the trampoline. Then Katja went home and me and Louise would go for a walk with Christopher in the baby-carriage,when we got home from the walk I was home I said goodbye and then we drove home.

Me and my home

My name is Peder and I live in Stadil. My home which is a farm lies in Westjütland in Denmark. I have a brother and a sister. My father is a farmer and my mother is a bankassistent. My hobbies are to drive tractor and gymnastic. In my sparetime I help my father and go to gymnastic. My brother is nine years old and his name is Anders and my sister is nineteen and she is called Eva. And I have a granddad and grand mum in Rindum and a granddad and grand mum in Ringkøbing.

My day

My day I cycle on my bike to school clock 8,20. I like play time best where I go along with my friend Jens, Anton, Kristen, Thomas, Jeroen. I help my father after school when I drive tractor and different work. When I drive tractor I plow and drive out the slurry. Once I was stuck In the mud.

My father pull me free from the mud.

we have four tractor on my father´s farm the biggest name is John Deere 6920 and the next biggest name is Fiat 130-90 and the next biggest is Fiat 80-90 the next is the smallest is it a David Brown 995.


Me and my home.

Our house.

My name is Olivia me and my family live in a small town named Vedersø. But we are also building a house in a town named Madum.

My room.

This is my room now.

I love my room, the only thing there is annoying is that I have no door into my room, and my room is laying right out to the kitchen, so it is hard to get some peace. Thou I love my room I am looking forward to get my new room, it is bigger and I will get to redo it all.

The top floor is all my room. I can also pick the room down the hallway, but I am pretty sure that I am going to pick the room on the top floor.

Our horses.

At our new house in Madum we are also having a stable where we have a lot of horses. In Madum we have tree big horses and a pony, while we have a big horse named Dexter in a big city named Århus. The reason Dexter is in Århus is that he is getting trained to run race.

Our cats.

We have three cats. The one of them is a male his name is Bertil, we really had two male cats but Bertil´s brother whose name was Prop ran away with his mother. I miss Prop a lot he was very tame and I could get him to sit, lick, jump and walk right beside me. Before Prop and Bertil´s mother ran away she got a kitten who we couldn’t find a name for. But when she got tree kittens we decided to name her Dychess and her kittens Toulouse, Ballios, and Marie after the movie Aristocats, but now Ballios is disappeared and Marie is dead so we only have Toulouse back.

Our dog.

Our dogs name is Fusti. She is a very happy dog and she licks all the time it can be very annoying and we are trying to train her so she won’t lick, but it is very hardJ.

Except for the fact that Fusti licks a lot, she is a very god dog, she has never bidden anyone before and I don’t think that she is ever going to do it.

My friends.

My friends name is Laura and Ida. They are very nice and we have never got mad at each other, though we are very different types. Laura likes playing piano, I like playing piano to but I am not far as god as Laura is. Ida likes rap music I don’t like it very much, but we both likes playing badminton and we play double with each other, but we also play single. I am a more quiet type I like to do creative things and I almost, always want the things to be perfect.


Me and my home

My rabbit is called Dust mouse and I am called Maria.

I have a big brother he is called Michael. I live in a small town called Stadil and my father is called Sven-Erik he works on a small farm he was driving the tractor. My mother is called Susanne she works on residential home for elderly people.

My friends

This is Ida she is my friend she has a dog the called Samson she has also a cat

This is Nina she is my friend she has a cat

This is Simone

Kind regards Maria

Me and my home.

My name is Laura. I am 12 years old I live in Western Jutland in a very little town called Alrum/Stadil. We have a very little farm there. I have two sisters and one brother. My mother´s name is Jette, she is a freelancer. My father’s name is Henrik, he is a furniture director. I have one dog,two cats and two goats. I love animals and I really want a rabbit. My dog’s name is Unique, and it is very nice. My cat’s name is Novig and Mullergøj. My goat’s name is Vimse and kalypso. My big sister’s name is Emilie. My brother’s name is Jakob and my little sister’s name is Ane.

I have two wonderful friends named Olivia and Ida.

The reason why Olivia is my best friend is that she always is happy and funny!

She is all that I need to be happy if I am sad.

Olivia is really good at shopping! And she always has some new clothes.

She helps me when I can not find something, and she is a perfectionist and always correct me. It can be very annoying but it can be fun sometimes. Olivia and me have known each other since we were born.

The reason why Ida is my best friend is that I can talk about everything, and she understands it.

She is very funny and I love her humour. Her family is a little strange at the fun way. I can remember one time we were on the beach and we were lying in the sun. And we went out to swim and then we went home we could not fall a sleep because we got sunburn. It really hurt and it was awful!

This is my room, and I have a lot of things. My room is always a mess.

This is my dog. It was so cute when it was a puppy.

Here it is a puppy.

When my dog was a puppy it was very cheeky. It could not sleep in her own bed, so we decide it could sleep whit my brother. But one day my brother was not home, so she could sleep with me. But she did not sleep in her own bed in my room. She jumps into my bed when I have fallen asleep. And the next day she was lying on my head. I will never forget that time.


My name is Kristen

I live in Vedersø. Vedersø is located in Jutland. My father is a farmer and my mother is a nurse in Ulfborg. I help my father in the barn and field. I have a brother named Jesper and a mother named Bente and a father named Eric. I have a dog that is a labrador named Bonnie. It is a little thick and it is old. Me and my little brother play football in the garden.

In the Easter holiday, I work in the field. I must harrow 4 hectare barley, 2 hectare grass, and 10.1 hectare of maize.

On Easter day come my cousins we were by the North Sea.

On Saturday I plowed. On the Monday it rains then we can`t plow.

On the Monday we change oil on the tractor and oilfilter and dieselfilter. We did not manage to change hydraulicfilter.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Me and my school

My name is Thomas, and I go in Stadil/Vedersø school. The school is situated near Ringkøbing.

I get up at seven o'clock. I am going for walk with my dog and after that I brush my teeth.

Then I go by the bus at eight o'clock. It takes a quarter to school. I go up in my class and speak with my friends. We are two classes in one class. It is because we should spare the money. We are eighteen in my class. We begin twenty minutes past eight. We are eighty-five pupils on the school. We have got the new activeboard it is fun to play with.

To day I will tell you about an ordinary day. I have Danish in two lessons after that English and maths and the best of all is wood work. It is funny; I am working on a bottle opener. And I am also working on a thing which can hold a lamp.


From Jens

I live in Jutland .

I drive in John Deere.

I live on a farm.

I live in a village, which is called Stadil. I go in the sixth class.

I like to see tractor-trekking.

This day I am going to drive our John Deere.

We have chickens, and we are going to build a new house for the chickens

Kind regards Jens

My name is Ida.

My name is Ida. I am 13 years old. I live in a little town called Vedersø. I have two big brothers, but no sisters. My house is not big not small. I have a cat and a dog. My mum is a teacher, and my dad is an educator. My mum is from Finland, so we often fly to Finland, to visit my grand mum and my cousins.
My dog Samson

My dog`s name is Samson. He’s 9 years old. He is a Labrador, he is very lazy. And he LOVES potatoes andsauce, and hates dog food and salad.Samson is a very nice and easy dog, and never bites. Samson doesn’t like to have a bath, or be brushed. But he loves a long walk and a swim in the sea. Once Samson was hit by a car, we were very scared that he was dead or badly hit. But Samson was fine and the car was more hurt than him.

My cat Katla

My cat’s name is Katla. She is 10 years old. As you can see she is black. Katla is very old so sometimes she gets angry. But if you don’t lift her she is kind. Katla has once been very sick because she has been eaten a poisoned rat. We were afraid that we might put here to rest, but she made it through. Since she was sick she had had a lot of damage in the stomach. It meant that we couldn’t lift here, because it really hurts on here. But besides that she is a nice and easy coming cat. She loves when you talk to her or gives her milk.

My room

My room is upstairs. It’s a bit small. But it is not too small for me. In my room I have a bed a table and some pillows. I often listen to music and make my homework in there. It was me who decided that my room should be painted red and black, which are my favourite colours. My mum and dad thought that it would be too dark, but in the end they said it was okay.

My best friends.

This is one of my best friends. Her name is Laura. Laura is 12 years old, and lives in a town not far from mine named Alrum.

Laura is one of my best friends because she’s always happy and it makes my fell happy to. When me and Laura was small we weren’t good friends. We were angry at each other all the time, and couldn’t talk together. But when we started in school we became very good friends and realised how stupid we had been. Today we often laugh at old times. One of the times I most remember with Laura, is when we were together in Laura’s house. Laura’s home is not far from a little lake, so we packed a bag and took down to the lake. We were at the lake a whole day. It was so funny that we forgot to put sun cream on and the next day we were sun burned over the whole body. It really hurts!! But we just laugh at it. Me and Laura always have fun and I hope we will be friends forever.

This is my other best friend Nina. Me and Nina have been friends forever, but some times we argue a lot. Nina lives in the same town as me. We are often together because we live so close to eat other. Nina is 12 years old. And she is in the same class as me. One of the times I most remember with Nina was when we were swimming together in the sea. We were out all day and all we were doing was lying down and relax. Some times we took a swim. When it got dark we droved back to my house and played with water. I like being together with Nina because we always have fun.

This is Olivia. Me and Olivia started to be best friends when we were 4. Olivia is always looking at the bright side that is one of the things I really like about here. Olivia likes to paint and doing creative things. In some way we are so different, but we like the same things. One of the times I most remember with Olivia was when we were sleeping in a tent over at Olivia’s house. The tent wasn’t waterproof so we had to sleep right under the roof so it didn’t get wet. When we woke up the tent was wet, but hot. We couldn’t understand why it was wet, because it hadn’t rained. But later we fount out that it was because it was so hot in the tent.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Me and my home.

Hey, my name is Nina. J I’m twelve and a half years old. I am a girl, and I live in a house in Vedersø with my Mum, dad, sister, brother in Denmark.

I have a male cat. The name of my cat is Speedy. He’s about 2 years old. First we thought he was a female. But now we know that he’s a male. I think he is cute. J Here is a picture of him and the view from my house:

I draw a lot of drawings in my spare time. I like to draw Manga because you don’t have to make all the shadows and stuff. You can just keep it very simple! J I have a lot of friends in other parts off Denmark. And some from other places in Europe. So I use a lot of time chatting with my friends. I also like to go to concerts. There I get to se some of my other friends from Denmark. And I get to listen to awesome music! J The picture is of me and one of my friends, it’s kind of old. L

As you maybe have guessed I really like music. I also like to read, take pictures of the nature and to watch television. I like to watch Miami and LA ink. Kat Von D is awesome! J Miami ink and LA ink is a show about a tattoo shop. I also like watching Flapjack, it’s on cartoon network five minutes past eleven every day, or every evening. J I think it comes twice a day. But I haven’t got a clue when? I actually wear glasses. L Or I should, but I hate wearing them. But if I don’t wear them I can’t see the television. And that sucks. L So I have to wear them when I want to watch television. Which is very often. Unless I want to sit on the floor in front of the television. I’m going to buy contact lenses soon. I’m just too lazy to get it done. In my spare time I go to gymnastic. Or it just ended. I go to youth club every Monday. J