Saturday, 27 February 2010

Crazy Picture 1

Moonbeam and Murrzo bust into song on a street corner. The audience looks completely bored.

Crazy Picture 2

Pony and Fish stare in complete horror at a disaster worse than they could imagine: Rascal is having a bad hair day.

Crazy Picture 3

Nevis stands on a drawing pin. I wonder if Sov knows anything about that?

Crazy Picture 4

Tashmeer suddenly realises that earlier in the day he must have lost both his arms.

Crazy Picture 5

Sov escapes by driving away in a Lothian bus.

Crazy Picture 6

The moment when Rascal, Pony and Fish got a big fright!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


On the Wednesday 24th February we had a rugby session with a rugby trainer called Derek. We played lots of games. For warm ups and we played one called tag. This is how you play it. You have a belt of Velcro and you have 2 tags on it which you could call rags and they had a bit Velcro on them so they stuck on to the belt. The aim of the game is to get as many tags on your belt as you can by stealing other people's tags. Swagger won that game with 5 tags on his belt. We also were taught how to throw the ball to each other. What we did was there were 5 people in a line so the 1st person would run with the ball and the 2nd person would run when they saw the 1st person's back. Next, 1st person would throw them the ball and it's the same again. This is what you're meant to in a rugby match when you have 2 teams with up to 6 players. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we all had a great time!

by Kizzy and Murrzo

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


On Wednesdays we do a music class. We have done many things in music, such like learning to play the guitar and xylophone. Ms Trail is our music specialist. Ms Turbane also comes in on Thursday to teach children the violin. Captain Chaos, Izzy, Ponakins and Murrzo do the violin. Right now in music we are getting ready for the Easter assembly. Ms Trail asked us all if we played any instruments. The instruments we played were: violin, harmonica and the guitar. Ms Trail is going to write music for us to play.

The Guitar

For the guitar we learnt about the strings and the notes that can be played. We have learnt a tune and played in front of parents and the school. Pony knows how to play the guitar and so does Nonny.

The xylophone

In the school we have xylophones which we play. We have learnt many tunes on the instruments. All the classes can play the xylophone. Ms Trail has taught all about the notes and taught us the tunes we have learnt and played.

by Nevis

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

UNICEF Day for change

On Friday 12th February our school held a UNICEF Day of change. Everyone who wanted to could dress up as an inspiring Scot for £1. There was a prize for P1-3 and a prize for P4-7. The prize was a Boots gift card (Boots is a beauty shop.) The winners were Brownie's buddy from P1 who dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots and a girl from P4 who dressed up as Robert Burns. We raised £50. The money will go to a country called Mozambique. Everyone had fun walking down the middle of the hall. Brownie's and Milz's favourite was a person who dressed up as our Headteacher!!

Milz and Brownie

Friday, 12 February 2010

Thomas loves to play clown of the class. This picture is from an evening, where we did invite the parents to come and see small plays, listening to songs and music. After that the children has time for playing and the adults get a cup of coffee.

More pictures? click here

Our First Video Conference

On Thursday the 11th of February we had our very first video conference with P4/5. We asked them questions and they answered them. We had half an hour(30 minutes). Here are some of the questions they asked:

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What is your favourite animal or your favourite subject at school?
  3. Who is your best friend?
  4. What is your favourite type of food?
  5. Do you have any pets?

These were just some of the questions that they asked. Some of the questions were for specific people but the other ones were for the whole class.

This is what Dizzee thought of the experience, "It was fun but strange at the same time!"

Here is what Bizz thought, "It was fun to talk to the other class."

And finally here's what Rascal said, "It was very different but really fun."

Pony and Sov

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Egg Transporters

Here are the finished models! Some of them have some very clever features, such as doors which hinge open and locks which hold pieces in place. It is difficult to show these in the photos. By the way, we used a rubber egg for these tests, not a real one. This was just as well as some of the transporters had the 0ccasional bump!

Mr Devereux

Testing the egg mobiles

At the end of the project we had to finish our egg transporter and test it. We took our models outside, whilst Mr Devereux brought a plank if wood and a chair for it to balance on. All of us brought our models out and we had 3 goes each to test and record how far it went and on its steering.

Here is the name of the groups that we were in:
Hen House
Egg Rox
Yokey 6000
Super egg
Eggbox 360

We had to put our models at the top of the plank and let it go without pushing it. Some of us got to about 5 metres and some of our models went completely off track. Some of the models kept on breaking and some of their wheels were coming off. Apart from that it went really well. We have been told the winner and their distance was 5m 56cm which was really far compared to the groups that only got to 1m or something like that. The winner was Hen House!

That was the end of our project and we really enjoyed it!!

by Bee and Murrzo x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Our class took part in bowling on Monday 8th February. We went in 3 different groups and we went at different times of the day. The first group went in the morning which went on for an hour. Then the second group also went in the morning, but after the first group went. Then the final group went in the afternoon. We played three different games. The last game was with a target from scores to 1 - 10.

The man who came in to teach us was called Mr Darling. He was very experienced with bowling. In Gifford we have our own bowling green, where people go to compete to win trophies. Mr Darling kept personal scores and he told us them at the end. Some of us scored a lot and some of us scored nothing at all.

Here are some picture of some people in our class bowling !

Most of the teams came back cheering because the had won and the other people weren't too happy because they lost to a different team.

The team which rolled the bowl closest to the jack wins the game.

Bee + Ponakins

Monday, 8 February 2010


We did a swimming gala on Friday 5th of February at Prestonpans . We came joint 2nd by 1 point. Our p7 swimmers were Fish, Dizzee and Milz. Fish got two ribbons and a cup. There were lots of different races, back stroke, front crawl, breast stroke, freestyle and a relay. We came 3rd in the relay. We both had such a great time and would happily do it again!

By Dizzee and Milz

Friday, 5 February 2010

Whole school goldentime!

Today, Friday 5th February 2010 our school did a whole school golden time for 45 minutes. We had a list of fun activities to chose from:

Wacky games
Cartoon drawing
Scottish country dancing
Watching King Loth Video

Rascal did Wacky games and it was so much fun. We went outside and played running games and it was a lot of fun because different people were there playing too!

Brownie went to art and we got to do anything we wanted to do with the paints, we could blow through straws, hand printing and sketching. It was so fun!

Rascal and Brownie

Thursday, 4 February 2010


On Tuesday 2nd February we did a drama lesson with a specialist teacher. Her name was
Marjorie Sweeney and we did a thing on space. It was about us being trained astronauts and we were to go to 'The Planet out there.' We had to act out 4 scenes about what happened on our trip to the planet out there. We had to act out that something goes wrong while we were there. We got into groups (crews) and acted out what happened. We were asked how we felt after the drama.
We really enjoyed it and so did the rest of the class.
Star and Ponakins

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Egg Project

For our project in the class, we got an letter from Mr. B.I.G Cluck the farmer. He asked if we could make an egg carrier for his farm. On the farm where Mr. Cluck picks the eggs there is a sloping concrete wall and that is where the egg carrier goes down and goes across the farm. On the letter it told us about the specification for the carrier or in other words what we had to have:

  • The vehicle must not run on any thing apart from gravity.
  • The vehicle must travel as far as possible after it is released.
  • The egg must be held securely and not be damaged in transit.
  • The vehicle must be robust so that it can survive many journeys across the yard.
  • The vehicle must travel in a straight line.

So in other words it can't have a motor of some sort, it has to travel as far as possible and it has to drive in a straight line. So now all teams have got names and they are all working on their egg carriers. The names of the teams are:

  • Egg Rox
  • Egg Heads
  • Auto Egg 36o
  • Hen House
  • Super Egg
  • Yokeys
We also had to make a name for the carriers/vehicles and the name are:
  • Egg Rox 250
  • Hen House Zoom
  • Egg Heads
  • Yokey 6000
  • Auto Egg 360
  • Egg Mobile

By Nevis

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

General Knowledge Quiz

On the 29th January Captain Chaos, Nonny, Izzy and Moonbeam went to a general knowledge quiz at the Bridge Centre in Haddington, a couple of miles away from our school in Gifford.

There were 3 schools there: Compass, St. Mary's and Yester. Sadly we didn't win but we came second by one point to Compass.

Well done Compass!!

There was 8 different categories like mathamatics, children's books and science. You got 2 points for each question, but somes it varied.

Even though we didn't win, we still had a great time!

Izzy and Moonbeam

Monday, 1 February 2010

Scots Poems

On the 1st of February our class said our Scots poems in preparation for our Burns Supper. A Burns supper is when we celebrate the birth of Robert Burns by eating haggis, turnips, potatos and by reciting poems. Like this one our class did:

Nursery Rhyme

A cat cam fiddlin'
Oot o' a barn
Wi' a pair o' bagpipes
Under her arm
She cud sing naething but
"Fiddle cum fee,
The mouse has mairrit
The bumble bee."
Pipe cat,
Dance mouse,
We`ll hae a waddin
At oor guid hoose.

Fish and Skitt

A note from Mr Devereux:

Everybody in the class has to choose a Scottish poem to learn and then recite from memory. There were 4 choices of poems, some short, some longer and one very long. Everyone did well, but Captain Chaos, Tashmeer, Izzy, Pony and Sov got through to the final. In the end Pony won the class competition and recited her poem at the Burns Supper.

If you try looking for some of the words in the nursery rhyme in a Danish-English dictionary you won't find them because they are Scottish words. We have an English-Scottish dictionary in our classroom to help us with less familiar Scottish words which are used in some Scottish poems and stories.
In the picture you can see Swagger wearing his kilt.