Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mr Devereux's final post

Well done, guys! It's been an exciting year.

I'm afraid I couldn't get the Moviemaker file Ponakins and Bee produced to work. I did try.

Hope you all have a toptastic summer holiday!

Mr Devereux

Fish's memories

I have enjoyed my time at Yester. I especially enjoyed our trips and school camp at Benmore . I am looking forward to moving on to high school and having different classes and new teachers.

Bye :) Fish

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bizz looks back

I have really enjoyed my year in Primary 7 because we have had loads of trips. My favourite trip was Benmore. We went there for five days.


Captain Chaos and Tashmeer

Me {Captain Chaos} and Tashmeer both enjoyed our time in Primary 7. We liked it because we had a lot of good trips and the subjects were good as well. :] We are both looking forward to going to high school.

Captain Chaos :) Tashmeer :)


Hello it’s Menace here.

Yester is only school I have ever at! And soon I will be leaving. =(
So I would like to share a few of my favourite moments.

My class the best class ever to have been at Yester (duh).
My class has had some really great moments together. Even when we fall out have always made up. Everybody says our class is the loudest class in the whole school. And we can’t say we're not! =D

Anyway I have learnt a lot at my time Yester which I can only thank the teachers for! (Thanks) But I have to say P7 has really been amazing for a lot of reasons:

1. Benmore
2. All the trips
3. Just amazing
Benmore was really fun. =D I really enjoyed the abseiling.

One more thing !!


Izzy's final post

My time at Yester Primary School has been AMAZING! I have had so many new opportunities that I probably couldn’t have anywhere else. P7 is the class where I’ve had the most new experiences like King Loth, Choices for Life and getting in to the hockey team! :)

From nursery all the way through to P7 I’ve loved going to Yester. The teachers have all been really friendly, (as long as you behave yourself…!) and don’t believe in just sitting all day and doing boring work. They like to get up and about and be active! We are very eco and we are going for the green flag but sadly we will be gone when they get it! :)

My favourite trip was……… BENMORE!! I loved Benmore so much! It was really fun and it was good to go on holiday with all your friends!


Sov says goodbye

I have enjoyed P7 and I had a lot of fun.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Izzy - musical memories

Murrzo, Captain Choas, Menace and I have been doing violin since P4. In P5 Ponakins came to our school and started violin. In P6 Menace couldn’t do violin any more so she had to leave. :( Our teacher is Miss Turbayne. She is a really good teacher and she does really fun activities! :)

We started with ‘Fiddle Times Starters’. Then we moved on to ‘Fiddle Time Joggers’. We have also been playing with sheets of music.

This year is our last year of violin. Next year in Knox Murrzo, Captain Chaos and Ponakins will continue violin but I’m going to another school so I’ll learn there!


Skitt's thoughts

I have had fun being at Yester. I have made lots of friends. It has been good at Yester and it will be sad to leave. I have lots of memories here.

My year at Yester Primary - Pony

I have had the best time ever at Yester! If I was to sum it up in one word it would be AMAZING!!!!!!
I’m going to miss Primary School so much although I’ve had so many amazing memories!!!!!!
Primary School is quite easy compared to Knox because you have to change classrooms a lot!! It’s much more confusing that Yester. The lunches are really nice!
It’s good how you have more responsibility and you’re more independent!
I love Primary School and I’m going to miss it a lot!
Pony x

My time at Yester - Ponakins

I have really enjoyed my time at Yester Primary. Even though I have only been here since P5 I will be really upset when we have to leave. My favourite year was P7. We have had loads of trips and I really enjoyed Benmore. Mr Devereux has been a great teacher and I’m a bit anxious about all the new teachers at Knox. I am so, so glad that all my friends will be in my class so I will at least know someone! :D
I am not too worried about going up to Knox. Yester has been the best school I have been to and I have loved it. (:
Ponakins xxx :)

My time at Yester - Milz

I have really enjoyed Yester and I will be really sad to leave but I’m looking forward to Knox. P7 has been a great year and I really enjoyed Benmore. I’m so happy that all my friends are in my class and I’ll know some people!

P7 has been a great year and I have really enjoyed it!
Milz x :)

My time at Yester - Murrzo

I’ve had a great time this year and I’m looking forward to going to Knox! My favourite thing about p7 was Benmore! I’m going to miss all my friends who aren’t in my class at Knox and I will especially miss Izzy who’s going to St. Georges. =( Altogether I’ve had a great year at Yester!


Leaving school by Kizzy

I have been at Yester since Primary 3 and I will miss it very much. I don’t want to leave but then I do want to leave :P. So I am saying goodbye because I will probably not go on the blog as much as I do right now. So I would like to say goodbye and hope to one day meet you.

From Kizzy =D

Rascal's Yester story

Yester primary school has given me so many opportunities that I will never forget. I went to Stirling University to represent our blog a few years ago. I learnt so much and it was amazing(:
The pupils at Yester are all really nice.
I’ve learnt a lot at Yester & I wont forget the school but I am looking forward to going to high school to meet more friends and learn new subjects(:

Rascal x

Moonbeam's P7 thoughts

I love P7! Mr Devereux is a great teacher and uses his imagination (and his great impressions and voices) to make activities fun for us!
I have achieved a lot of things in P7 Like Benmore and King Loth.
I can’t wait till I go up to high school!!! :)

Love Moonbeam xxx

My time at P7 - Swagger

One of the funnest times in P7 was when we went to Benmore. It was so fun but it was over too quickly.

By Swagger

Brownie's farewell

Hello it’s Brownie

Yester is the only school I’ve ever been to. I’m really sad to be leaving even though I had so many fun moments.
My favourite classes are P2, P4 and P7.


My time at Primary - Star

I can’t believe that I have nearly finished primary! I have really enjoyed primary, and I can’t wait to go to Knox. A lot of funny things have happened in primary, especially at Benmore. Moonbeam, Brownie, Nevis and I had a lot of fun at Benmore. :) On my first day ever of school, I remember going out of the wrong door too early at home time. I feel quite silly thinking about that now. :) My favourite lessons were art and ICT. :) Knox is so different from Yester and I can’t wait to go but I will still miss going to Yester. :)

By Star :)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Squiddy's thoughts

I have enjoyed P7 and am looking forward to Knox. I have achieved in lots of things like Benmore, writing and more.


Nevis reflects

A year in P7 was amazing. There was so many trips that we did I just don’t know which one is my favourite. But it was the best year ever!! :)

By Nevis

Fets remembers Benmore

Bemore would be the best trip in the year for me. It was the best week in my whole life.

By Fets

Yester by Nonny

My time is Yester was great but I am happy to move on. My favourite part of this year was Benmore.

By Nonny

My time at Yester Primary School

I have really enjoyed my time at Yester, and I will never forget it. Every class has been amazing but this year has been the best. I love being in P7, because you are at the top of the school and you get to go to loads of great places for school trips. I also like being in P7 because there is a leavers’ party at the end of term and they are always really fun.
In Yester I have learned loads of great and useful things. I have improved on my maths – going from level A to level E.
I have improved on my spelling – Now on level F!
I have improved on loads of things like my language and my writing, and that’s all thanks to all the great teachers that have got me through it all.
I especially loved Benmore Camp. We had loads of great activities and I made some great new friends. There was loads activities like: caving, climbing and abseiling, canoeing, forest walk, gorge walk, high ropes and loads more.

That’s all the things that I enjoyed at Yester and I really don’t want to leave.
Thanks to all the teachers and thanks to all my best friends.

Bee P7 x

Moonbeam and Kizzy at Knox

On Tuesday 15th – Wednesday 16th June 2010 our class went to Knox (our new high school) and it was great. Kizzy said, “That is was the best day at school I had ever had and would love to go back."

What lessons we had

Modern Studies

Moonbeam and Kizzy