Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Izzy's final post

My time at Yester Primary School has been AMAZING! I have had so many new opportunities that I probably couldn’t have anywhere else. P7 is the class where I’ve had the most new experiences like King Loth, Choices for Life and getting in to the hockey team! :)

From nursery all the way through to P7 I’ve loved going to Yester. The teachers have all been really friendly, (as long as you behave yourself…!) and don’t believe in just sitting all day and doing boring work. They like to get up and about and be active! We are very eco and we are going for the green flag but sadly we will be gone when they get it! :)

My favourite trip was……… BENMORE!! I loved Benmore so much! It was really fun and it was good to go on holiday with all your friends!