Friday, 29 January 2010

Maths Roadshow

Today we had a maths roadshow at school. A maths roadshow is when you have loads of puzzles to solve. There are four levels: green which is the easiest, then yellow, red and the blue is the hardest. You can get up to one hour to do as many puzzles as you can. If you complete a puzzle you have to get it signed by a teacher but if the puzzle is too hard you can put it back to get another one or swap with someone else. There are one hundred puzzles and you can solve them with a partner of your choice. We get the maths roadshow every year and it is good fun.

by Bizz and Sov

Thursday, 28 January 2010

King Loth

King Loth is a school musical that our school put on in the Brunton Theatre on the 19th and the 20th of January. Kizzy was Princess in the play and I thoughht it was a great experience. We have Monarch here from Primary 6. He played the sheperd (Eric) and we said, "What do you think of the play now its all over?" He said, "I thought it was a great experience now its all over."

by Menace and Kizzy

Drafting day

While we were at the Museum of Flight we got to see some of the things soldiers at the camp wore and used.

You can see Sov wearing a RAF ground crew gas mask.

You can see Fish modelling a battledress blouse and forage cap.

Look at when we practiced having a 'drill'. A drill is when a bomb was coming and the soldiers had to evacuate to a shelter outside. The captain shouted,

"Eyes Front, attention!"

It was really fun!

Izzy and Moonbeam

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Grandad

My Grandad came to talk to our class about his life in the World War 2 as a boy. He told us about lots of things like what food they ate and what it was like when the bombs came down and what it was like hiding in the old mines under ground. He told us that he had been evacuated from his home and he had to leave his family behind so he set of to the countryside. He was sent to a farm where there a woman and 3 children. The woman did not let my Grandad go to the bathroom inside so he had to go outside, even in the winter.

He found life in the country hard at first and he did not like the food, but after a few weeks he got used to every thing. He had never seen a cow or never had a sat under a tree and just hear the birds and the wind. He loved it. But after a long time it had to end. He was glad to go home but he was sad to leave the countryside. He said his goodbyes and he went home to his family. He found that home was a very different place from what he remembered. The streets were dark and black at night. There would be no lights unless they had all their windows boarded up. My grandad and his family made it through the war.

By Kizzy


For six weeks we had a weaving project with a lady called Sarah . When you weave you have 7 or 8 rows of wool going up and down on a bit on cardboard . Then you get another bit of wool and go over, under, over, under until you get to the end of the row . Then you have to keep doing that over and under pattern until the end of the up and down rows . You can do stripes and tartan (tartan is with lots of colours).

On the first day Sarah told us what to do. We started with around 2 colours. Every one found it quite hard at first.

Three people came to tell us about the weaving mill they used to work in. Their names are Maragret, Jack and Evelyn.

The second week we started doing stripes. We think the second week was
easier than the first.

The third week Sarah showed us how to make tartan. And in the forth and fifth week people tried to make tartan.

The last week a man called John told us about a plant called a teasel (its a tall spiky plant). It's used for combing the sheep wool. Me (Brownie) made a woolen face on a teastle then everyone started doing it.

All our art work is going to the local Gallary.

By Brownie and Menace

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saint Lucie

We only celebrate two saints. In June Saint Hans - here we in the evening have a lot of fires all over the country. In december we have a Saint Lucie parade.
Here you can see more of our photogalleries. There are not any text in English, but feel free to send me questions.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Visit from Knox Academy

Our class has had a visit from some pupils in S5 at Knox Academy. They came to tell us a bit about life at high school and to answer questions. They gave a PowerPoint presentation and had to answer a lot of questions. They used to be pupils at our school when they were much younger!

Mr Devereux

Cycle Training

Last term the class took part in the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme. This is to help our pupils know how to cycle safely and confidently on main roads. Mr Darling, the teacher of class P5/6 took this training as he has the right qualifications. We were fortunate to have dry, warm weather.

Mr Devereux

Inside The Museum of Flight

When we went to the Museum of Flight we saw a Spitfire which is a British fighter plane from World War 2. We also saw a Komet which is a Nazi bomber from World War 2. We also saw Concord which is a plane built in two different countries. In one of the pictures you can see some of us standing by the car from the Harry Potter film Chamber of Secrets.

By Bizz and Captain Chaos

Museum of Flight - the Assault Course

When we went to the Museum of Flight there was an assault course. There were lots of different obstacles. There were the monkey bars, flying fox and things to balance on. Loads of people went on the flying fox because it was going really fast because people were pushing it really hard. Everyone really enjoyed it!

By Murrzo and Milz

My Grandad John

During our World War 2 project some people who had experiences during the war came to talk to our class. One of them was my grandpa John. He had been a school boy and a soldier during the war. He fought in the British army but had to leave when he got shot. He still has the same jacket with the bullet holes today. Carla and I had to try to find the holes.

He brought in lots of different clothes and objects to show what they had to carry or wear. He had lots of things from jackets to hats and medals to old war release books.
Some of us got to try them on. He also told us lots of stories of when he was in the army. Some where sad, some where really amazing and some where really funny! One of the funny ones was:

“I was once in a field with another soldier, and we were on look out. After a while I started noticing the sound of shooting around me. I asked the other soldier what the noise was. He said:
‘Oh, that’s just a sniper trying to shoot us.’ He was in a very calm voice like it didn’t matter.” The whole class was in fits of laughter!

Izzys grandad is called John. He got shot by the Germans with Schmeiser 9mm machine pistol. He got shot from the knee to the hip and he stil has 1and1/2 bullets inside him.
Swagger and Nonny

Learning Zones

In our class we have learning areas. Learning areas are in the classroom. These are the areas:
· The Maths Zone
· The Activity Zone
· The Discovery Zone
· The Language Zone

In a zone you can practise your skills or do the exercises that are there.
In the maths zone you can work on a type of project that you might not be good at or play some maths games.
In the activity zone you can do types of activities that will help you with your spelling words to remember them.
In the discovery zone you can learn more about the project you are doing with the class.
In the language zone you can work on skills that you need to work on for writing. You can also listen to a tape on the tape recorder.
Here is what the class said about the zones:

Rascal said: “I really like the learning zones. There all very different and if we aren’t doing a particular lesson one week then we know you can do something similar in the learning zones!”

Bizz said: “The Discovery Zone is the best.”

Star said: “All the zones are good and the Discovery Zone and the Activity Zone are my favourites.”

Squidy said: “The zones are all really fun and creative!”

Nevis and Pony