Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My time at Yester Primary School

I have really enjoyed my time at Yester, and I will never forget it. Every class has been amazing but this year has been the best. I love being in P7, because you are at the top of the school and you get to go to loads of great places for school trips. I also like being in P7 because there is a leavers’ party at the end of term and they are always really fun.
In Yester I have learned loads of great and useful things. I have improved on my maths – going from level A to level E.
I have improved on my spelling – Now on level F!
I have improved on loads of things like my language and my writing, and that’s all thanks to all the great teachers that have got me through it all.
I especially loved Benmore Camp. We had loads of great activities and I made some great new friends. There was loads activities like: caving, climbing and abseiling, canoeing, forest walk, gorge walk, high ropes and loads more.

That’s all the things that I enjoyed at Yester and I really don’t want to leave.
Thanks to all the teachers and thanks to all my best friends.

Bee P7 x